FTMatic Automated trading system is an AI based mechanic engineered by TheFalconGroup in 2017 with the cooperation of FTM.
our algorithmic system specializes in calculating the risk factor in the market and seize the right opportunity in the right time and translate it to profits.
AI technology has moved from science fiction to business fact.
To meet today’s challenges and prepare for the future, you need AI solutions that integrate with your infrastructure and data strategy

Simulated Trading

Simulated Trading is now available with every Trade Ideas subscription.
Gain confidence and learn how to take action in the markets.


TraderDuel the stock market. Coming in 2021. Win prizes while learning to invest!
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Artificial Intelligence

A.I. powered automated trading is here! When you activate a Trade Ideas Premium subscription you’ll have the power of Holly the A.I. available to manage your trading cycle.